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Before leaving Brooklyn I spent at least four hours scanning in like half of my sketchbook! I can't really show a lot of it publicly, but this is a huge chunk of it! Nothing's really quality, but there's a good quantity of it! That counts for something, right? 8D

Just to warn you fellas, the first few images are figure drawings with nudity and implied nudity. If that's not your thing, go ahead and skip to the next cut!

I recommended Pose Maniacs to Jeph a while back, and he mentioned that he was enjoying the 30 second pose feature, which led me also to start using the 30 second pose feature. (it is a nice way to loosen up!) Here's a few pages of terrible pose scribbles.

Before doing serious inking, I always try to finish a small scribble to warm up. Made an attempt to freehand in the features, and it just wound up looking awful. But I scanned it all in anyway!

Gave it a shot with a brush pen! The result wasn't as nice or clean as I was hoping, but whatever!

ooog, there's no excuse for this one. Why did I scan these in again? D:

OH GOSH, SOME FANART APPEARED. H-how did that happen. Still under the Nudity Cut, since there's a terribly inappropriate picture of the Major there.

Er, so. Ah. Conrad was playing Assassin's Creed II and, oh goodness. Ezio, what are you wearing. TWO popped collars? C'mon, bro. Who even does that? (also starring: ezio's prostitute posse)

Also, we've watched a LOT of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex in the past month or so. Like, all of it. Two seasons and the third-season-movie. I'm probably the last person to see it who Cares About These Things, but man it was SUPER GOOD. I especially love how all the protagonists look like stock badguys. Y-yeah, so Ananth (and Conrad. and George.) took a shine to the initial doodle of the Major and championed it to be cleaned up and inked, and ultimately fully colored. I'm not taking full responsibility for that one. :/ (no sig on the colored version, since I'm fairly certain someone'll paste it on Rule 34 or whatever. Go ahead, Internet. but please don't link back here)

... ... ...

Wow, this is pretty old. I think I scanned this in over a month ago and forgot to add it into the last art dump. Actually, I think about half of these doodles have gotten inked since then, hmrm.

OH HAY Serik! It's been a while, man. 'Sup.

A jillion thumbnails! These are all from Delilah and the Basilisk.

[edit] OH HEY, would you guys be interested in high res versions of the comics here like I did with Girl with the Skeleton Hand? I didn't even think to do that for this post.

These are from Delilah, too! I'm especially fond of Death's little jack-o-lantern nose in the Delilah style. He's such a cutie.

Some doodles of Puppy doing his Very Serious Basilisk things. I do realize he's closer to being a cockatrice than a basilisk, but I was brought up with the terms being interchangable, and basilisk has a much nicer sound to it.

Puppyyyy who's a good puppy

Oh, be quiet.

W-WHATEVER, I'll nerd over my dragon family if you want! D-DON'T JUDGE ME
aaa quetzal is such a daddy's girl <3 <3

At the bottom is Saeha, who I Hardly Ever Draw. She's always hanging out with Grey, who I Also Hardly Ever Draw.

I read Tamara Drewe recently and I think I've been subconsciously mimicking Posy Simmond's style a bit. Which I don't mind at all, because she is amazing.

Awh man, so I recently ran into to this dude who I went to college with, Peter Lazarski! He's a cool dude! I did a scribble of Lizard Wizard as a ink test, he's a character from Peter's comic Imaginary Monsters. It is a cute comic and I enjoy it!

I'd just downloaded some new textures and wanted to futz with them some. So I did a thing trying to emulate peachifruit's style a bit. It didn't work out so great! I cropped most of it and it still looks like Serona's balancing a lantern on her head. Oh well!

OH, so I yoinked this meme from banjocatbanjo! I'm impressed that I've done at least one non-private color thing every month! I cheated a little bit and used my AG: Book 2 pinup and my guest comic for QC. There's... not a huge line of progress, but I started inking with a brush this year, and I've gotten much better and faster with using it. So that's something!
Looking at all this together is pretty embarrassing. I don't draw many environments unless I'm doing comic panels that call for it, and my color palettes are pretty static, even when using real media. Wow, when did I start using so much pink and yellow? About three years ago, all my colors were brown and blue. I'm turning into such a girl. >:/ Maan.

Some people on Twitter who saw this asked for a calendar! Which would actually be an awesome idea! If it was October. :/ It's kinda late, if I started putting together a calendar now people would probably receive it in February or later... so maybe this would be a good thing to do NEXT year! XD I will try to remember.

... ... ...

That was fun! We should do it again next year.

Have a good one, guys!
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