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Art, mostly

(aido's terrible blog)

25 April
Aido can fit into most all car trunks, overhead storage bins, and household clothes dryers.

Random friending is a-okay, you don't have to ask.


dumb doodle journal. dumb blog. dumb photos.
15-year-olds-make-out: the animated series, a clown or something, a delicious japanese snack, a-nimes, abandoned places, alexander hamilton, ambiguously good badguys, avoiding people from highschool, awesome boots, bacon, being mediocre at ddr, being rukia, big angry fire dragons, biological anomalies, bonobos, boo radley, browncoats, capslock love affair, car-spiders, cats, cephalopods, children's books, cicadas, comics, communists versus puritans, cooking, cool scar stories, copic markers, corvids, crystalized ginger, dad bartlet, daemons, dapper mr. rotwood, dark chocolate, dee-colon face, dewins, diego armando, disliking girls on principle, doonz doonz doonz, dragons, drawing comics, drawing naked ladies, dumb engrish music, dumb floofy wyverns, elizabeth bennet x mr.darcy, extremely rare steak, fountain pens, fruit bats, gay lawyer game, gaybraham lincoln, geeking over physiology, green tea ice cream, grownup dinner, h-h-hot sideburns, hating aaron burr, having totally awesome roommates, historical boyfriends, hlgbaghglah, imaginary best friends, interracial couples, it could be lupus, jayne hats, johnny wander, journal comics, keeping good karma, kendii, kinako mochi, king of all cosmos, long-haired-guy x short-haired-girl, macs, maws, mechanical pencils, men's pocky, mild coffee addiction, miscegenation, mola molas, monsters, music boxes, mythology, naps, nib pens, oh mang, old kinderhook, osamu tezuka, overusing ellipses, panguin, paragraph breaks for emphasis, persnickety girl, photoshop, polydactyl cats, psychopomps, punching boys, raveraveraverave, raw beef, saving bugs, scarves, secretary birds, sentient weapons, serendipity books, sexy elemental beast-gods, shiny things, shorpies, silly hats, skeleton keys, sleep, soleons, sometimes heterosexual lawyer game, space makeouts show, spacedad x spacemom, sriracha chili sauce, stories, storm leviathans, story-heavy rpgs, sushi, tall imaginary deadpan guys, tattoos, tea, teamocil, tempura ice cream, terribly shameful nerdery, terrifying fan encounters, tezuka's black jack, the cat empire, the devil in literature, the entire eldred family, the last unicorn, the sandman, the word loofah, theodore roosevelt, traditional animation, transformers the movie (1984), uncle tomcat, urban exploration, wacom tablets, wallace wells, webcomics, x-acto knives, yotsuba&, ,